We are so excited to release “The Eva Collection” today. When we shared Lindsey’s story last week, we could have never imagined the response we would see from it! There is such a beautiful community forming around this story, and we were so inspired by the love that you all showed the Clark family! Because of that love and support, we have worked with Lindsey to create a collection honoring that sweet girl and the beautiful story she carries.

Every item you find in this collection was inspired by Lindsey’s words and her heart for her family as they have worked through this season in their lives. This collection has a variety of colors available in every design and we worked hard to make sure that there is something for every member of your family!

Our heart in creating this brand was that Grace & Kai would be able to give to others, in whatever way God gave us the opportunity. As a way of continuing sweet Eva’s legacy, a portion of every purchase made from The Eva Collection will be donated to the Clark Family’s Ministry. The way that their family has walked so gracefully through this tragedy in their life is so incredibly beautiful. Their love for their daughter and their desire to share her story in hopes of helping others who are walking through the same thing they walked through is so inspiring. Sweet Eva did not leave this earth without leaving a such a mark that none who hear her story will ever be the same. We consider it to an honor to help carry her legacy.

We hope you fall in love with this story and the pieces in this collection the same way we have. It is such a beautiful cause, and its one worth investing in. Our hope is that we can bless the Clark’s in way that they so deserve to be!

To shop The Eva Collection click here!

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