We are so excited to feature Wendi’s story with you all. This story is one of grief. One of hope. And one of redemption. Wendi and Josh are two of the greatest people we have ever known and we were honored to be able to walk this journey with them. Both the hard moments, and the moments of rejoicing at redeeming God we serve.

We hope that this story brings you comfort if you find yourself in a similar place. That it might just show you that hope always remains, even when it seems that the situation is just too impossible. And that you will know that you are not alone in this journey.

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My husband and I were married for a little over year before we decided it was time to start trying for a baby. During our first year of marriage we watched as so many friends became pregnant and went starry eyed over the new additions to their families. I think we thought you get married and after a little time you just get pregnant, but that wasn’t our story.  

 It was about a year after trying that we visited a doctor to see if anything was wrong. Part of our story is when I was two I was healed from Cystic Fibrosis, a healing I’m walking out but fully know has taken place. Somewhere between my faith and the reality that I saw in that season, I felt the heaviness of doubt begin to creep in to my mind. I have known my whole life that God is a healer. See you can’t walk in to a room full of people with beautiful amounts of knowledge, knowledge I’m so thankful for and believe is a very important part of Kingdom, with perfect lung function when the reality is you were born with a genetic disease that was supposed to accomplish the opposite and not know God heals. But thats what I’ve done my entire life, isn’t the Father so wonderful. This pregnancy thing was contrary to everything I knew, everything I was created for, I knew I was made for miracles, so why this, why now? 

Two years later. Two years of the valley. Two years of trudging up mountains. Thats when I got tired. I’ll never forget the people who walked with us in that season, because it was in those moments that they carried me. Their prayers sustained my hope. Their belief spoke a better word over my unbelief. I was tired. I had watched with joy, and honestly some degree of sorrow, as my friends had not just one baby, but two babies, all the while trying to settle in to some kind of place of rest in my own longing heart. I remember telling the Lord, “I trust you, help my unbelief, sustain may heart, give me a word.” I leaned in so hard to hear truth when my reality didn’t match up with what I knew was true.

 “Sing, O barren one, who did not bear; break forth into singing and cry aloud, you who have not been in labor! For the children of the desolate one will be more than the children of her who is married,” says the LORD. ~Isaiah 54:1

Three years. Three years later. Three years of praying. Three years waiting. Three years of taking test after test believing for that plus sign. It was Christmas Day. I woke early, with an expectant joy I knew could only be from the Lord. I asked my husband to read the test because in my heart I wanted him to see the miracle first, and it was positive. We cried, we worshiped, we finally took a deep breath. God is always faithful. We went to the doctor for an ultrasound not long after and I will never forget him saying, “You have three sacs.” “What does that mean,” I responded with my absolute lack of knowledge. “It means you are going to have three babies”, the nurse said as she began to cry. I had shared our story with her, our beliefs, the words spoken, our faith, so she knew the impact of this moment.

The Lord had given us a baby for every year of longing, every year of fighting, every year of praying, every year of believing. One baby for every year the enemy meant for sorrow that had now been restored to joy. Beauty from ashes.  

We continue to live in complete awe of God’s love for us. So often we look at them and can’t believe we’ve been trusted with them. While we often times feel unworthy, we hear God always speaking a better word over our lives. We were truly made for miracles.

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