Hello friends!! We wanted to take a few minutes today to share the heart behind our Allergy Life Collection.

Shortly after our little guy turned three, my husband decided to make a batch of peanut butter cookies after dinner one night. They were a staple in house hold at the time because they were delicious, but also because they only required three ingredients and money was tight haha. Malachi grabbed a cookie off the plate just as he always did and ran to the living room to enjoy it. Within minutes he came running over asking why we put pinchers in the cookies this time. We were confused by his question so we asked what he meant. He told us that the cookie was pinching his tongue and poking his throat. Within seconds I noticed bright red hives appearing around his mouth. He was scratching like crazy. We had never experienced food allergies before so I put in a call to the after hours pediatrician and Facetimed my parents. My mom instantly said, “He’s having an allergic reaction. Go give him some Benadryl and get ahold of your doctor.” The doctor called back and by this time, the Benadryl was helping the hives and he had settled. The Pediatrician recommended finding an allergist and having him tested, but said to let him sleep and he should be fine by the morning. Now knowing what we know now, we should have called 911 and had epinephrin administered since two of his systems were reacting, but again, hindsight.

We had him allergy tested the following week, and low and behold, he had developed a severe peanut allergy seemingly overnight. The day before he ate the cookies we were at Texas Roadhouse and he was literally playing with peanuts and eating them by the handful. He just happened to fall into this specific class of kids that develop severe allergies between the ages of 3 and 5. So, we added epipens to our diaper bag and medicine cabinet, bought a big old bottle of Benadryl, took a trip to Build A Bear to help with the tears of allergy testing and removed every peanut product from our house. We could have never imagined how our life would change after that day.

A simple trip to the grocery store was now a much longer process full of label reading, and then reading again. Every holiday menu had to be changed. Every party we were invited to became a terrifying experience not knowing what he could touch and what he couldn’t. Before having allergies directly effect our house, I could have never imagined the effect they had on a family and their daily life. Everything about our life changed that day.

We went through allergy testing again a year later, and his allergy had almost tripled in severity. We had moved across the country so seeing this new allergist we gained so much more information on just how bad his allergy really is. If our sweet boy comes into contact with peanuts either by touch or by ingestion, we have no more than 3 minutes to get the epinephrin into his system. If his system doesn’t respond after 5 minutes and a dose of antihistamine, a second epi must be given.

It is weighty to think about the fact that something we have no control over could kill my son. That simply eating a cupcake at a birthday party could be fatal for him. We have to be so vigilant every single day to ensure his safety, and that is not something we take lightly. There have been numerous times where he has felt so left out because he can’t have the cupcake or he can’t attend an event because of what will be served there. Its so hard to watch the disappointment in his little eyes, despite every step we take to make sure he is included.

And it is because of that fact, that we created our Allergy Life Collection. Our hope is that this line will give your allergy family clothing that they can wear proudly. That it will give your kids confidence. That you as an allergy mom will feel a little less alone. It’s why we are so passionate about things like The Teal Pumpkin Project®. Exclude the food not the child. Always.

We are so grateful for organizations such as FARE® that provide resources for families like ours. We could have never made it this far without them so As a way of saying thank you for all the help, resources and encouragement FARE® has provided our family since diagnosis, we will be donating a portion of every sale from our Allergy Life Line to FARE® and the research that they do for Food Allergy families on an ongoing basis.

Thanks for reading our story!! We hope that gives you a little insight into why we are so passionate about Allergy Life! You can be sure that you’ll see much more from us about this topic!

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