Hello Friends!!

And welcome to Grace & Kai! We are so excited that you are here!! We wanted to take a minute to give you an idea of who we are, where we came from and why we are doing what we are doing!

When we had the idea for our clothing line, we knew that we wanted to put family life at the center of it. There are so many motherhood clothing lines out there, and we know that, but for us, we felt that by taking all the positive parts of parenthood, all the moments to be cherished in their beautiful truths, we might just stumble upon something special. So we sat down and put pen to paper. We wrote out everything that we say on a regular basis to our kids. We thought through everything that makes parenthood so incredible. We tossed around ideas until the early morning hours and when we stepped back and looked and what we had created, it occurred to us, just how beautiful this life is. Not just in the good times when life is easy and things are going our way. But also in the incredibly messy times when we feel like we are going crazy and if someone asks me for a snack one more time I might just lose my mind. In moments when it feels lonely and isolated, and sometimes a little bit ugly. Every single part of it is beautiful.

And then it occurred to me. What if this was more than a clothing line? What if Grace & Kai became an online home for other moms like me? What if we put our life out there, and created a community that so many other moms could desperately use in their day to day? What if maybe, just maybe, the magic went beyond our clothes (which are pretty awesome by the way) and in putting our life out there, we made moms feel a little less alone.

And so, Grace & Kai ~ In Real Life was born. Here you will find our family in the flesh. Real, and raw and unapologetic for it. We will feature posts on every topic in motherhood including guest bloggers and the things that they are passionate about in motherhood. Every Friday you can expect a post from out family featuring something fun we did with our kids that week. Whether we went exploring somewhere, did a crazy at home activity or just stayed in and watched a movie, we will show you what we did and why it was special to us. Sprinkled throughout the weeks you will find pop up blogs that coincide with something happening in life that we are passionate about. Things like Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness day, The Teal Pumpkin Project, Thanksgiving and Christmas Traditions, C-Section Awareness month. Things that are real and happening in our lives. Because when we are real, you might just be able to be real too.

Our hope is that we will build a community that is unshakable. That in doing life together we will all learn that we are never truly alone. That in standing with one another instead of tearing each other down, we will make a difference in this world. We are real people, living a real life, and we are inviting you to join us on this journey. Because life is better when we are living it together.

So welcome. We are so excited that you are here and we hope that you will come back again soon. There is so much adventure just waiting to happen….

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